‘The Jig Picture’ website illustrates Art and Photography work produced by Pete Norgrove.

Why ‘The Jig Picture’? As a long career as Head of Art and Photography at Bethany School¬†drew to a close I offered to create a piece of work to commemorate the school’s 150th anniversary in 2016. Over 10,000 pupils had attended the school during these years and using the same principle as the Tower of London Poppy installation that was created to commemorate the fallen in 2014, the challenge was to find an appropriate medium small enough to recreate an image of the Bethany School badge. 10,000 jigsaw pieces later……

I now work as a volunteer at the WHF Big Cat Sanctury in Smarden, Kent and use these majestic animals as inspiration for Art work using the same technique.

As well as this work, I photograph Engagements and Weddings Ceremonies which has nothing to do with jigsaw puzzles whatsoever(!) and I enjoy experimenting with timed exposure photographs on the Cornish coast which has recently culminated in a series entitled ‘Shockwaves‘.